Crane Infrared smartHEATER - Wi-Fi Connected Space Heater
Crane Infrared smartHEATER - Wi-Fi Connected Space Heater
Crane Infrared smartHEATER - Wi-Fi Connected Space Heater
Crane Infrared smartHEATER - Wi-Fi Connected Space Heater

Crane Infrared smartHEATER - Wi-Fi Connected Space Heater

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The 14-inch high Crane Infrared SmartHEATER offers portable heating just about anywhere. This compact, whisper-quiet infrared space heater lets you set your ideal room temperature on its LCD display, and it comfortably heats up to 150 square feet with 5,118 BTUs of supplemental heat. It also features 2 power levels, a programmable timer, and various features making it safe to operate. This zone heater features durable caster wheels for transport, and the most unique feature it offers is that you can control it from anywhere by downloading the Crane app.

This infrared space heater is also available in black, white, and slate.   

Wi-Fi Capable

Control this Wi-Fi capable device from anywhere with the Crane phone app. Few space heaters can be used remotely, making this a unique feature many customers appreciate. Turn it on before you leave work to have your room warm when you get home. Just download the Crane app from the iPhone app store or from Google play (Android users). Check out page 7 of the owner’s manual below for more information.

Simple Digital Controls

The Crane Infrared SmartHEATER comes with various features to control your heat level. Wet your desired heat temperature using the buttons to increase or decrease your room temperature until you hit your desired level of heat, ranging from 54 – 85 degrees F. Two power levels of high or low heat let you determine how quickly heat enters your space. Finally, the programmable timer can be set between 1 – 12 hours, shutting off after the length of time you select.

Safety Features

The Crane Infrared SmartHEATER is equipped with several safety features, as well. The overheat protection automatically turns the heater off if it overheats, while the cool exterior housing is safe for pets or children. The four-quartz heating element is a clean, safe way to heat your space, and the child-lock setting is great for homes with kids.

Efficient & Allergy-Friendly Infrared Heating

The Crane SmartHeater uses infrared heating to heat the area directly in front of it. Their quartz heating element offers consistent, soft warmth without over drying air. Infrared heating is great for heating people in a room, since it immediately heats the objects in front of it. It’s an efficient, allergy-friendly way to heat your room because it won’t stir up dust like other heaters.

Color Options

The Crane smartHeater (Model EE-8077W) is available in black, white, or slate.

Additional Features

  • Compact Design: Surely you can find a place on your floor for this model, which is just over a square foot in size: 15 x 14 x 15 in (L x H x W).
  • Polarized Plug: This heater has a polarized plug, which reduces the risk of electrical shock.
  • Anti-Freeze Setting: This setting keeps room temperature at or above 45 degrees F to prevent freezing temperatures.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Choose the LCD control panel brightness level (1-4).
  • Child Lock Setting: When turned on, none of the heater settings can be adjusted.
  • Power Switch: Easily turn it on by flipping the power switch on the top of the unit.
  • Cord Storage: When finished, wrap the power cord around the cord hooks on the back.
  • Caster Wheels: The bottom caster wheels make it easier to move around bare flooring or carpeting.
  • Bonus Gift: A 1-year subscription to Better Homes is included in the box with purchase.


This efficient, compact space heater is perfect for spot heating in any size room.

What Customers Love

  • Wi-Fi Connected: Control this Crane heater from anywhere by downloading the Crane app.
  • Safe Design: It has cool-touch housing, automatic shut-off, and a child lock setting.
  • Simple Digital Controls: Maintain your desired room temperature, set the timer, and choose a power level on the digital control board.  

Things to Consider

  • Color Options: Choose the color that best fits your décor (black, white, and slate).

What's In The Box?

  • Crane SmartHeater
  • One-year subscription to Better Homes magazine 
  • Owner's Manual 

Manufacturer's Warranty

1-Year Limited Warranty 


Manufacturer's Literature